duckflambe (duckflambe) wrote,

F-You Fox.

Fox News tells more bold-faced lies. Hopefully this time, nobody will die as a result.

She tells her first lie in 15 seconds and it just gets worse from there.

1) There is no "full nudity" or "graphic sex". The footage shown in the video is almost the entire sex-scene, they just removed the dialog and added bars over...well, nothing really.

Here is the full scene for anybody interested (note: mostly tame but maybe NSFW).

2) The average age of a gamer is "33 years old and has been playing games for 12 years". So, mostly dads.

Hell, I can go on.

The only highlight is about 4 mins in when she calls the video game expert "darling" and then challenges him to a fight.
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